Managed Support for Small & Home office Macs

  • • Unobtrusive MSP program automatically installs Creative Goose recommended system & security updates, and keeps many other programs up to date, at our recommended intervals.

  • • Industrial Strength MalwareBytes malware protection

  • • BackBlaze off-site Backup Software securely maintains an encrypted backup of your files at an off-site undisclosed location

  • • Splashtop Remote Support screen control built-in.

  • We actively maintain this software, apply security patches, and alert you to any issues that we uncover.
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• Keeps your Mac Up To Date & Running Smoothy: Addigy monitoring agent watches for any sign of trouble with your Mac, installs Mac OS and key software updates, maintains Firewall and security settings

• Keeps your Safe from Malicious SoftwareMalwareBytes enterprise-grade "anti-virus" agent checks for known threats and suspicious activity, such as emerging Crypto-Virus activity

• Keeps it Backed Up: BackBlaze securely and regularly backs up all your files -- including photos and emails -- over the Internet to a secure location

• Affordable: Monthly Subscription of $35/mo base price per computer for this package -- discounts available for multiple computers

Subscribers get 20% discount on additional hourly service from Creative Goose (optional, no labor purchase required)

* Additional discounts available for customers with 2 or more computers under maintenance.  Customers who already have BackBlaze subtract $5/mo./per unit

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