Custom Databases

Your data at your fingertips!  CRM, Orders & Invoices, Inventory & List management -- Custom developed to your specifications and deployed privately on-line.

David Farrow is an expert Claris FileMaker Pro developer and has been designing and building business data systems for many years.

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• Claris FileMaker Pro is a versatile and secure data management platform that can be highly customized.  Files are multi-user and shared on a local office Network or privately via the Internet

• Data-input screens, printed reports & forms can be designed using your choice of fonts, colors, and forms

• Databases are a superior choice to replace Spreadsheets for all kinds of customer data including enrollment systems, customer tracking, Invoice and Inventory management, plus many more functions

Graphics, maps, pictures, audio and video can be incorporated and can be cataloged, in addition to text and numbers

• Databases can be accessed through Mac, Windows and mobile-platform apps and deployed to the web

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