Creative Goose Support Policy

October 23, 2023 by
Creative Goose Support Policy
David Farrow

Creative Goose Support Policy

We match Apples’ support policy regarding Mac OS versions: your computer should be running one of the last 3 operating systems published by Apple.  At this writing that’s Mac OS 14 Sonoma, Mac OS 13 Ventura, or Mac OS 12 Monterey.

If your Mac is running Mac OS 11 Big Sur, or any version of Mac OS 10, then it is not fully security supported by Apple, and it will not continue to be eligible for the Creative Goose Maintenance Service Plan.  In order to remain under the wing of protection offered by our plan – and supported by Apple as well –  you’ll need to upgrade the OS on your existing computer or, if that isn’t an option (or simply not  practical), you’ll need to replace that computer.

Creative Goose will continue to offer support for older computers, but with the caveat that such computers should not be used on the Internet and/or for financial or similarly sensitive transactions on the Internet.

Because older computers are more difficult to support, more difficult to keep secure, and more difficult to keep compatible with the rest of the world, we will charge our full rate for supporting older computers.  Conversely, customers who maintain computers inside the guideline and who subscribe to our Maintenance Service Plan, will receive preferred pricing reflecting a nearly 20% discount on hourly work performed.

It is also true that newer computers that are maintained and secure will require less support and maintenance overall; by this illustration you can see that it isn’t always cheaper in the end to hold onto older computer gear.  In fact, there are dividends in performance, reliability, and security to be had by keeping your computers inside our recommended guidelines and under maintenance.  Accordingly, it is our policy to actively encourage all customers to remain up to date and subscribe to a maintenance service – such as our MSP – that will automate and monitor that compliance.

Creative Goose Support Policy
David Farrow October 23, 2023
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